How can a father support a daughter and family after a trafficking situation? How can he be a hope and a support?
1. Denial is huge.  Family leaders strongly believe “It will not happen to my child.” [...]
Being a wimp is not as hard as one might think.  Most of us men would never dream that we are a wimp.
Most of us tend to believe we are above being deceived.  For us, deceit is something we are good at spotting.  [...]
Now how in the world can we compare what goes on in a casino to what goes on in a congregation?
To clarify Biblical teachings on what God wants a parent and grandparent to be about. To identify Bible passages which spell this out. To help family leaders see the importance of what they are or could be doing as instruments of impacting future generations.
To lay before a congregation the possibility of exploring a new frontier as a way of involving all its lay members more fully in the dynamic rhythms of the congregation’s life. The early church finally came to look at what it was all the members were faced with in their lives. This showed them the need to be training and equipping them.