I love to watch Caitlin Clark play basketball.
To answer this question, we first must learn how a trafficker works.  Here are the steps.
How can a father support a daughter and family after a trafficking situation? How can he be a hope and a support?
1. Denial is huge.  Family leaders strongly believe “It will not happen to my child.” [...]
This podcast gives more insight on how human traffickers successfully recruit youth.
Human traffickers have found the ELCA to be “Easy Pickings”.    They have discovered our weaknesses. [...]
Start with a short look into how we are vulnerable See (Ways Youth Can Be Vulnerable to Human Traffickers) on this website.  Don’t lack preparedness. [...]
Are Our Children Prepared for Treacherous People? When we hear a 15-year-old girl has gone with […]
• Approached and asked for something – directions, gum etc.• Bumped into, apology given, remark made […]
Want to look good, be noticed, get attention, people pleaser. Want to be heard, to have […]