By Alvin Erickson

Fathers Are a Big Part of Adults Saving Kids

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It is hard to over stress the importance of fathers in today’s world.  Many fathers probably don’t realize how crucial their impact is on the lives of their children.  They aren’t going to hear of their vital importance on TV and probably not on the Internet.   Few times in our society are they going to hear how essential they are to the lives of the children.

The Bible can help us think about this.  From the Adam and Eve story, it quickly goes into the story of Cain and Abel.  When Cain kills Abel his brother, we are right away made acquainted with the truth:  It doesn’t take much for one’s children to get into trouble.  Later Jacob shows partiality to his one son, Joseph, and by doing so almost gets him killed.   King David commits adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba.  That sin on his part leads to two of his sons getting killed, Amnon and Absalom.  What is the message?   Unwise fathering can lead to all kinds of problems for the children.

On the other hand, if we read the story of Esther in the Old Testament book by that name, we learn of Mordecai who adopted Esther.  His relationship to her and his words to her caused her to courageously take action which led to saving all of the Jewish people of the huge Persian kingdom.  In the New Testament, Jesus and Paul, though not married, become fatherlike figures over many people they call their children.  Here again, we recognize how essential it is to have a wise, loving father.  See Ephesians 6:4.

What we have come to realize at Adults Saving Kids is that fathers have competition.  There are all kinds of people out there seeking to lead kids astray.   If a father has not taught, prayed, shared so his child has his faith, chances are his child will wander off in another direction guided by someone else.   Fathers play a key role in raising their children to follow Christ.   If they do not do that, they put their child in jeopardy. 

It does not end there.  Jesus tells fathers and others, “See, I am sending you out in the midst of wolves, be as wise as serpents, as innocent as doves.”  Matthew 10:16.   Wolves are after kids.  Who will PROTECT them and EQUIP them to be able to fend off evil doers?   It must be the fathers as we see in Proverbs, chapters 1-7.  Clever child molesters, drug dealers, bullies, Internet pornographers, seducers, defrauders, domestic violators plus other groomers are ready to take advantage of one’s children and young adults.  Who is the key person to keep that from happening?  It is the father.

I wish someone would have told me that as a father I have one of the most challenging, difficult and also potentially satisfying callings I will ever have on this earth.   I wish someone would have said God knows what you are faced with.  He has many great provisions for you to fulfill the calling he has given you.   There are also all kinds of resources out there—some on our website, some on and some on   Your kids are important to you, God give you grace to be the father that will keep them in the faith and safe from your competitors, from harm and danger.

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