By Alvin Erickson

Seventeen Things I Have Learned about Adult Entertainment Clubs

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  1. Pimping can be done in a legal, subtle, astute and still destructive form.
  2. True pimping is about control but starts as charm and trust evoking, which puts people who have been raised to trust people and be nice to people in a real bind.
  3. People who pimp or recruit or groom or systematically desensitize others, live in a fog or delusion, deceiving themselves & are well paid to do, as they undermine their own lives.
  4. This is a world where love is an act, it’s all about dog eat dog, producing fantasy is the game, everything is about deceit, manipulation, greed, control and depersonalization.
  5. Most dancers need to self-medicate themselves to stay in the business and that only digs the hole deeper which they are already in.
  6. Customers are regarded as fools by pimping people, laughed at, objects to be used with no concern of what happens to their lives and families.   Going to a strip club to prove oneself a man or a woman is to be foolish, taken in, not courageous nor ultimately fun.
  7. Pimping people, strip club owners and managers become heroes in their own right because they have done the behind-the-scenes dirty work to create a robot–the willing and even aggressive sex worker, made available to the public as much as tenderloin steak. is made available on a plate in a restaurant.   No wonder customers appreciate them.
  8. Legal pimping has been given an air of legitimacy by finding ways to do illegal pimping in a more sophisticated way of being within the law, so no arrests.
  9. There is a strong disconnect between what one is seeing and what is actually happening.   Euphemisms like adult entertainment and gentlemen’s clubs mask the harm being perpetuated on workers, customers and eventually managers and owners.
  10. Those who begin as strippers will find themselves on a descending slope towards performing sex acts with others and about 1/3 at least will find themselves in the trap of full-time prostitution.  Remember, other pimping people frequent strip clubs to recruit.
  11. Recovery from a life of stripping is usually much more difficult than anyone would imagine and seeking to help a stripper escape from the trap he or she is in is more like throwing a 20-foot rope down to someone in an 80-foot hole.
  12. Families of people in stripping can expect to go through major pain because their child is caught in a trap and despite their anguish, they must find ways to stand with their child through years of misery so somewhere down the road their child can have some kind of life again.   On the front end, parents don’t know what to say or do to avoid this tragedy.
  13. Any business which must sneak its way into a community and then make lots of money is obviously now in a powerful position to buy its legitimacy by corrupting local businesses and government people and it usually does, for it knows the drill.
  14. At this point, I know of no recovery place for pimping people, managers, owners or their lawyers so these people will naturally, save for a miracle, stay put in their own kind of controlling quicksand.    They have no interest in looking into recovery for their workers.
  15. Once a community has resigned itself to the situation, it cannot expect the problems will go away.   It will be at the mercy of these rich manipulators from now on.
  16. There is a domino effect, one strip club—one nest of mischief will only lead to another.   Don’t expect the process to stop.   This is about control and money.    The pimping mindset is not satisfied until it has absolute power.   Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.   People will give you as much nonsense as you have room for.
  17. Everyone is someone’s child and that is why it is imperative we step forward and give leadership—so another child and another family do not have to experience the horrendous trauma lurking in their future.   One staunch community can turn the tide.
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