By Alvin Erickson

Pornography. What Every Pastor Could Say From the Pulpit

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  1. We all at some stage have a problem with lust even though we don’t talk about it.  At some point our lust like fire can become really dangerous.
  2. For instance, viewing pornography can become addictive, among many of the effects it has on the brain, one is a rewiring of the brain.
  3. Pornography is a misnomer.  What is really happening is using other human beings, often broken or entrapped human beings for one’s own pleasure.
  4. Continued use often spells trouble for one’s marriage or future marriage, for one’s kids or future kids.
  5. Read Matthew 18:1-14, how Jesus values children, how he gives severe warnings about not taking advantage of vulnerable people, how he knows children will be taken advantage of but that does not have to be the case with those who hear his words.
  6. Internet pornographers are actually human traffickers who could not care less about those they victimize, even if their victims become addicted and their families fall apart, leaving spouses and children twisting in the wind.
  7. Viewing pornography is a way of taking advantage of those victims of the traffickers.   It is a cowardly way of letting someone else do the dirty work of capturing and controlling young people and then using the fruits of their evil labors because those juicy fruits are now available.
  8. Remember Jesus tells us every vulnerable child or person has their own angel and that angel sits in the front row seat before our Father God. (Matthew 18:10).
  9. If this involves you, there is help available.  Remember God loves you, proving that by having his Son to die for you.   God, your Father wants to help you get out of the trap you are in.  Turn your life over to God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you find the people who know how to help you escape the fix you are in.   Don’t go another day without coming to terms with this.   Find those trained counselors or groups who know how to work with those addicted to pornography.

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  1. Thank you Pastor Al for this informative article. Pornography is so prevalent in today’s society that Pastors need to address it often with members of their churches and offer support and education on how to escape it.

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