Course 1

To train parents and grandparents to recognize their challenging callings as ministers in their own family.

Session 1: Introduction to Course 1

This session probes how important the ministries of parents and grandparents is to our society and to our churches. It wonders why there is not more emphasis on this. It reveals how family leaders no longer have the influence they once had on their children and that this has left young people much more vulnerable to evildoers.

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Session 2: Wolves

This session reveals the competition parents and grandparents have. Other people are targeting their offspring just as wolves target their prey. Some of the wolves are revealed here to help us see the varied dangers they put young people in. Family leaders must take seriously the threat this poses for their loved ones.

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Session 3: Sheep

To discover the necessary wise skills God has provided so their offspring can be equipped to avoid being entrapped, addicted and/or harmed or broken down.

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