Pastor Al Erickson discusses why parents and grandparents should be concerned about teaching children to be perceptive, wise, and strong in the Lord

Additional Training Videos

No Bigger Lie

What is going on behind the scenes in a strip club. David Sherman, a former manager, shares how he successfully recruited young women as waitresses, disk jockeys and then using mind control techniques and a hidden agenda turned them into exotic dancers. He then taught them to manipulate customers. Further he describes how this business is full of deceit, dog-eat-dog, corruption.

Wise As Serpents

This video was prepared for teenagers. A former successful human trafficker describes how he got into doing this, what he did to recruit and control young women and how he finally got out. Each of the six chapters also have a survivor of prostitution relate how she got in and what that life was like for her. There is also a powerful seventh chapter. Both Oprah Winfrey and ABC 20/20 worked from this DVD.

The Reality Is

Heidi, a survivor of prostitution talks to high school students explaining how human trafficking works. She tells clearly of the experiences she had and what is really going on. At the end she answers questions these teenagers have as they have listened to her. This is an eye-opening DVD.

Bill Rash

Want to learn from a former seller of pornography. Bill Rash shares how he got into the business and also what got him out of the business. He shares his insights into what can happen in the lives of young women and also those who get hooked on pornography.

Heidi Carlson Speech

A survivor of human trafficking who lived in the life of prostitution addresses a non-church group of high school student at their Minnesota state convention. She describes how she got into this; how the sex industry works. Her experience has shown her what young people need to know and be watchful for and also how they can now help their friends from getting caught in this. She also answers questions.

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