By Alvin Erickson

Twenty-Four Thoughts for Parents and Grandparents to Consider

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  1. Be realistic about what your offspring are like at their core—inexperienced and sinful. 
  2. Recognize and claim you are the irreplaceable people God has put in your offsprings’ lives.
  3. Find other ways of conversing with them without lecturing them.
  4. Watch out for glibly reassuring them otherwise when there is real harm or danger they must face.
  5. Be careful not to put aside what you need to notice and address.
  6. Always keep in mind they are children of God and help them see their identity in Christ, build them up to be followers of Jesus.
  7. Keep studying wisdom as in Proverbs and how you can impart that to your offspring. 
  8. Be aware that your sins will have a deeper impact on their lives than you might expect.
  9. Be aware that your teachings, wisdom’ and prayers will have a deeper impact on their lives than you might expect.
  10. When they mess up, reflect on where you might have messed up in a similar way and share that so they can see the struggle we all have to deal with as sinners.  Loving them leads to confession and forgiveness.
  11. Learn and remember to tell stories that give them a new way to see how some challenges in life can be handled.
  12. Have them memorize certain Bible passages that they can refer to in many situations that come up in their lives, so they have truth to call on.
  13. Teach them to pray, to thank and rely on God in their decision making.
  14. Work with yourself to not have emotional reactions that drive them away, remembering listening first and being gentle goes a long way. 
  15. Share with them about deceit, lying, slander, gossiping, breaking people down and teach them the value of building up one another.  
  16. Talk to them of what manipulation and control is like which can be used against them so they can fend off evil when they are confronted by such.
  17. Help them think about establishing good boundaries that will serve them well and not shift unnecessarily their own sense of identity.
  18. Teach them about the gift of intuition and the importance of claiming their gut feelings which are (GUT) God’s Unspoken Thoughts.
  19. Seek to learn by listening how they are thinking, how they are feeling, what they are dealing with.
  20. Notice their interests and talents and enable them to build on those.
  21. Find ways to enjoy your children, to lead them into new experiences, to support their growth and whatever shows advancement in their maturity.
  22. Be ready to have conversations that regards their opinions and struggles as worthwhile.
  23. Pray for your offspring every day.  See Colossians 1:3-14.
  24. Find many different ways of helping them see what God has done for them, what their baptism means as adopted children of God, what hope and future that gives them, more important than anything else in life.
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