About us

Adults Saving Kids works together with Parents Arise (https://parentsarise.org) to train and provide resources to parents and grandparents; enabling them to be able to empower their children to be “Wise as Serpents”.

Starting with churches: parents and grandparents need to be trained, equipped and supported in ways that will build up the lives of their children. Many churches have overlooked or ignored clear Biblical teaching. In Ephesians 4:11-12 we are told that pastors and teachers are to equip church members for their ministries. In Ephesians 5:21-6:9 six ministries are lifted up. They are wife to husband, husband to wife, children to parents, parents to children, slaves (employees) to master (employers) and employers to employees.

Deuteronomy 6:1-9 lays out how parents are to be sharing the messages of God on a daily basis with their children, in the morning, in the evening, on the road. Proverbs, chapters 1 through 7 show parents admonishing their children to be wise and not foolish, to be guarding their hearts and not taken in by treacherous people. The truth is that one’s children will be encountering clever schemers. If the child is quite vulnerable to the ploys of such schemers, they are going to get hurt, traumatized and perhaps entrapped into some destructive lifestyle.

Adults Saving Kids has come to realize that many wonderful resources are available helping family leaders raise great kids. There are also many family leaders who have learned much from life. Seeing this, ASK believes what is necessary to stem the tide of brokenness and trauma is a movement of family leaders learning from the Bible, from present resources and from each other. There is plenty of gold out there to be mined. If family leaders become involved in this, their offspring will be safer, have more faith, be more productive, be less broken and give leadership in their future families. Not all, but many!