By Alvin Erickson

Twelve Reasons Why Talking About Human Trafficking Does Not Enroll People to Personally Do Something

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  1. Denial is huge.  Family leaders strongly believe “It will not happen to my child.”
  2. It only happens to one out of 70 youth so not a major concern for parents.
  3. People have not made the connection between pornography, strips clubs, escort services or brothels and that many of those involved youth have been trafficked in one way or another.
  4.  Men unconsciously or consciously are members of the “Old Boys Club” so will protect their own perhaps without realizing they are doing so.
  5. Viewing pornography is widely accepted even among church members so many see it as part of life and at the same time media is not asserting that trafficking is involved.
  6. Most churches are not addressing either trafficking or pornography.
  7. Most families do not have good ways of talking about these things so conversations regarding the dangers and consequences involved are minimalized.
  8. There is a latent fear often of traffickers and what they might do if one gets too close to them.
  9. Much in the wider culture is telling women that pornography is here to stay and they need to live with it but still the underlying issue of men using trafficked women is not mentioned.
  10. Most people do not understand how in different ways youth are vulnerable and how professional traffickers are very effective in discovering and using that vulnerability against them.  How skillful and effective human traffickers are is not realized!
  11. Family leaders are not intentionally equipping their offspring with wise skills to avoid being taken in by all kinds of predators, including traffickers. 
  12. There are few prayers said on behalf of those who could be victimized or those victims being used, those using them or for the traffickers themselves.
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