• Want to look good, be noticed, get attention, people pleaser.
  • Want to be heard, to have someone take the time to listen to them.
  • Want to be affirmed, to be valued and their development recognized, even if it is inconsistent and sometimes looks funny.
  • Have many invalidating conversations (self talk) within themselves.
  • Are particularly attractive or wholesome, which has predators invent creative ways of trapping them.
  • Not aware of signals that might indicate they are being set up.
  • Are not trained to be strong, shrewd or keep themselves safe and in control.
  • Have low moments where what they are up to, no longer seems worth it and they are in a mood to give up.
  • Want to be independent of parents and rules, desire to be self-expressed.
  • Have a yearning for an adventure even though it may involve grave risks.
  • Have the conversation within themselves that no one really cares about them.
  • Believe themselves to be invincible, that they can handle anything that comes up.
  • Hang out in public places (malls, video arcades, non-alcoholic bars, bars, roller rinks, schools, colleges, church gatherings, state fairs etc) where predators lie in wait.
  • Carry within them secrets so they have their attention on how they are keeping the secrets rather than on what this person, who is a stranger is up to!
  • Don’t set limits or they allow others to cross their boundaries.
  • Carry within them unaddressed trauma which is affecting them but not necessarily noticed by them.  This woundedness is obvious to the sharp eyes of predators.
  • Have no strong male figure in their lives who is affirming them and valuing them and their future.
  • Are socialized to be nice to strangers, to talk to them, to not hurt their feelings, to listen for their needs and to meet those needs, have a need to be helpful, serving.
  • Are inexperienced with life and therefore susceptible to those who notice that and come along with bigger visions, better answers, and “authoritative” common sense.
  • Live with an underlying sense in their lives: “I am stupid” or “I am bad” or “I am not worth anything” etc.  Once discovered the predator will use this against them.
  • Believe they must serve others when asked and must talk to others when talked to no matter who it is.
  • Associate love with touch, affection, with sex, fun-loving with safety.
  • Feeling rejected in some way now has them secretly hunger for acceptance.
  • Do not size up risky situations and make sure accountability is in place.
  • Naïveabout life, evil, human nature.  Trusts people, thinking everyone has a good heart and never cruel.
  • Influenced by chemicals, so defenses are not properly working, further lacking in self-control.
  • Away from home, food, shelter, people who care. Immediate physical needs will set them up for risky behavior they wouldn’t try otherwise.  Ready to believe any good Samaritan, no matter who he or she is.
  • Bitter about broken promises made by parents and others. Can be’ influenced someone who seems to care.
  • Open to promises of wealth, glamour, easy living, without being realistic. Is this person too good to be true?
  • Not aware of mind control techniques. Get sucked in to letting themselves be affected by schemers.
  • Willing to trust anyone who appears to be friendly. Go by quick assessments of people.
  • Do not have the courage, boundaries or armament to keep out of compromising situations.
  • Don’t recognize that being charmed, being nice to, made to feel good can lead to being entrapped.
  • Do not listen and pay attention to their intuition or gut feelings God has put within them.  Disregard warning signs. Don’t value their alarm systems.  GUT: God’s Unspoken Thought.
  • Brought up by neglectful or permissive or overbearing parent.
  • Natural adolescent tendency to experiment can be used against them. Confidence they can handle anything.
  • No set limits about chemicals or sexual activity, hard to say “No” to someone.no matter what the request.
  • Family dysfunction undercuts sense of stability and confidence, so is open to others who seem stable
  • Use of chemicals or willing to try chemicals set them up to be controlled by drug dealer or pimping person.
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                Cell:	612-708-1875 
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