• Approached and asked for something – directions, gum etc.
• Bumped into, apology given, remark made like a compliment, response noted, is this person open to being influenced by a conversation with a stranger?
• Accusation made in some way – are you always this unfriendly, are you racist, are you always so quiet?
• Youth is listened to, their point of view is taken seriously, their feelings appreciated.
• Pimping person keeps overriding the “No’s” of the victim until they say “Yes.”
• Procurer (Predator) appears to be rich, has connections, maybe a nice car.
• Procurer appears to be wise, friendly, funny, jovial, attractive, generous. Give compliments –you are good at dancing, pretty, great body, eyes, hair.
• Procurer is fascinating – different culture, accent, race or style.
• Young men come on as possible boyfriends, take the female to eat or spend money on her. Sometimes an older man is in the background ready to take over.
• Women or youth are promised a job somewhere, but in going to that place, become isolated, susceptible to manipulative conversation and force.
• Promises of love and attractive future but underneath this perhaps unspoken threats to make person pliable to predator’s wishes (mind control).
• Predators present themselves as vulnerable – homeless, needy, needs caring.
• Predator makes promises of glorious future – marriage, home, money, car, luxury
• Predator has women befriend and be generous to the victim to start with.
• Crisis is precipitated (We have no money to pay the rent, to complete our trip, where can we possibly find money? Victim feels obligated to help.
• Young person has heart set on something – a trip, college education. Following the “sure” advice of this predator will have this goal be reached.
• Films, TV shows, magazine and newspaper articles which support the idea that this can be fun, money making, harmless and easy to obtain goal without suffering consequences.
• Promises saying you really won’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, lies about what this really involves, will not mention later bad consequences.
• Falsifying papers like ID’s, credit cards, resumes, present occupations.
• The predator is willing to lie about himself or herself, and on behalf of the person preyed upon. If willing to lie to help a person, they will also be willing to lie to hurt them.
• The predator will out-talk, out-think, out-maneuver. For example, the person will express their feelings thinking they have had their say, but the predator will just get or take in what is said and move on and youth will again become submissive to the predator’s control.
• The predator will gradually gain more control over what the person is thinking, where they are spending their time, who they are listening to, what they are doing.
• The predator will isolate the person from loved ones, get the person tired, have them commit crimes, confuse them with mixed messages.
• The predator will use intimidation, force, beatings, coat hangers, pellet guns, humiliation, blackmail, drugs, or murder of loved ones or actual murder of person.
• The predator will use the victim’s need to be right by convincing the victim that she or he is actually in charge and is taking advantage of the customer.
• Customer gives the person money to buy drugs from drug dealer who is a pimp.
• Strip club manager hires waitress with good pay, uses mind control techniques (love bombing, isolation, long hours, club culture) to turn her into a dancer.

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Bible References:

  • II Samuel 13:1-8
  • Joshua 9:1-15



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