By Alvin Erickson

The Most High Calling of Parents and Grandparents and Other Concerned Adults

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Have we forgotten how important we are?  Have we failed to grasp the vital ministry we have been given and allowed it to slip away unnoticed?  Are we awake?  Parenting and grandparenting are at the core of American life itself. Why do so few see the high importance of this role?  Maybe they are content to “let sleeping dogs lie” but that is a dangerous attitude!   In sports a trash talker has to be careful.  He can prod the opposing team too much and get them fired up.  Do we parents and grandparents need someone to trash us and get our ire going?   Unfortunately there are lots of people making money off our kids.  The last thing these moneymakers want to do is provoke us guardians of our kids into thinking we are not going to let them pick our kids off.  Their motto is “Let the parents and grandparents lollygag, loiter.  Don’t get them thinking they can have some influence.  Don’t annoy them.  Don’t wake them up!”

Let us speak loud and clear.  This is where it is, folks. Our parenting and our grandparenting, our godparenting and our mentoring represent the very essence of what

this land of ours is about.   We are the backbone, the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual source of all that is happening.   What we are bringing or not bringing to

our youth is the pivotal fulcrum of all that our country is or isn’t leading to what will be.

God expects much from us.  We have been given much.  “To whom much has been given, much is required,” said Jesus. (Luke 12:48b) When we are faithful receivers, lovers and worshippers of God in Jesus Christ, we become our children’s chief protectors and teachers.   We have first place in their lives for God has privileged us to become front line guides and instructors. Ours is a singular and unique place in the lives of our children.   We are the only ones to raise them, to pass on the faith to them, to instill in them what life is all about, to equip them with the wise skills to fend off evil.

The question is:  How much have we realized and acted upon the primary calling we have in our own homes?   Why does research show that from 1960 to 2000 the most impactful influence on the lives of American children has drastically changed?   In 1960

family life was the key influence, then peers and friends, then school and fourthly church.

By 2000 this had shifted, and now media was the main influence, then peers and friends, then family and then school.   And how much further have we drifted since then?

Yes, we believe many families are still operating in ways that show home life is the most vital part of a child’s life.   We need to keep it that way.   But let us admit—it is very easy to give the life of our child over to the TV, the cell phone, and the Internet.   Without trying we can find ourselves on the sidelines watching our children grow up with beliefs, values, attitudes & actions that are not what we know in our hearts will be good for them. 

There is plenty of room for us to wake up and embrace fully what God is asking of us.

This website and the books it offers are meant to assist concerned adults to be the ministers God is calling all of us to be.  If you are one of those who believes in what is being said here, we heartily recommend you obtain the books and expose yourself to the support and resources available to you. We now offer a course where family leaders can be trained for such a time as this.  Check it out.  This brings those concerned about their offspring to come together and learn by discussion from each other.  Be bold, get involved.  It is time for Parents and Grandparents to Arise!!

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