Do You Want Any Of Your Children or Grandchildren to Have to Deal With This?

I was once talking to a young native American leader near where we lived in the inner city of Minneapolis.  He told me a story that still haunts my soul. 

One night he was sitting on the outside steps of his house.  It was about midnight.  He was there to enjoy the fresh air and coolness of the evening.  Suddenly he heard across the fence a young woman screaming hysterically.   He could hear a man was there with her, asking her to quiet down.  But this young woman was so traumatized she could not stop crying loudly. 

She finally asked, “Don’t you realize what happened?  This man overpowered me.  He held a knife to my throat.  Then he raped me.  He could have killed me.  He never paid me anything.  He just walked away after he got what he wanted.  Then the woman began to weep aloud, uncontrollably. 

The man spoke up, “Okay, it happened, so what?   You haven’t met your quota.  The night is still young.  Get back out there on the street and find more customers.  I have had enough of this.  You still have work to do.  You better get it done or you will be facing something worse.”

Friends, when you hear a story like this, how are you with it?  Can you imagine some young person in your family being in a situation like this young woman was?  People wonder why I, an old man of 86 years, am still working as a volunteer to keep situations like this from happening.  The answer for me is simple.  Can’t I do something to keep some precious young person from ever having to be caught in such a terrifying, heart wrenching kind of slavery?   Can I walk around nonchalantly as though everybody is fine and there’s not that much to be concerned about?

There are moments in our lives when we meet up with someone’s agony and our denials, our complacency has to end.  We are being confronted by reality, by truth.   Like it or not, we have to stand for something that actually matters.   So what can we do?  Is there something I can do?

When we ask it that way, thoughts immediately turn to our own families, young people who are vulnerable to being controlled by somebody or something.   Can I help prevent something like this ever happening to one of those kids or grandkids I care about deeply?  Well, yes there are a number of steps I can take which could turn out to be very beneficial for some young people around me.  And not just for the females but also for the males.  After all, 68 % of young men in America are going to a pornography site at least once a week.   That means they are gambling.  Gambling that no young woman they are watching is like this woman in our story, a trafficked, a trapped young person providing them pleasure but at a great cost to themselves.   

So here is what can be done:

  1. Become street smart.  How?  By getting some training on how connivers scheme and what you and your offspring can do about it.  (Have your church has a class, contact Adult Saving Kids)
  2. Become equipped and be with other family leaders where you find ways to grow in the leadership you can give for those who are growing up in your midst.  (Inquire at612-708-1875).
  3. Discover how the truths of the Bible can equip and empower you in being the difference maker in your own family.
  4. Learn to pray and pray for all those who care about and for other families around you as well.
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